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Which fayres/Art Markets will you be at this year?

To be confirmed.


Is it a lino print?

No, my prints are screen prints.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a process in which ink is forced onto paper through a fine mesh screen stretched around a wooden or metal frame, by pulling a rubber squeegee across it. 

The design for each colour is put onto a screen by a process of applying a thin layer of light sensitive emulsion, followed by exposure to UV light in a dark room. Areas of the emulsion covered by black remain unaffected by exposure to light. The rest of the emulsion will harden on the mesh. The unaffected areas can then be washed away leaving a design stencil in the screen through which ink can be forced to print onto the paper underneath. 

What does original print mean?

An original print means that all the processes are created and produced by the artist, typically signed and numbered in a limited edition. It is not a commercially printed reproduction which are a copy or facsimile of an artists work by mechanical means and are often referred to as ‘Art Prints,’ ‘Limited Edition Posters,’ or ‘Giclee Prints.’ When you buy an original print you buy art that is designed, made and approved by the artist.

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